The Avengers. No,not those…

The Original Avengers. The British version. The TV version. If you don´t know what I´m talking about, do yourself  a favor and look it up!

When I was a child, I wanted so much to be Emma Peel. ( Diana Rigg version, of course–I´ll settle for no other.) John Steed was a great character, but there was no topping the enigmatic, yet pragmatic Mrs. Peel. She was great with a gun, with the karate chops, and she knew how to use a sword! But more importantly she knew how to take care of herself. Se knew how to kick some serious butt and took no sh*t from any man.

I loved that she wasn´t a Pollyanna and certainly didn´t need any saving. In fact, she was usually the one that had to fight off the baddies while Steed stood around looking gentlemanly like. ( I might be biast).

(Here´s a taste.This video does not belong to me. I found it on youtube. It´s by garryentropy and it´s absolutely marvelous!)

She was strong, gutsy, athletic, smart, and sexy. No one wore the catsuit better than her.(mind you this was the sixties!) She was, in short, absolutely adorable!

And she had that certain mystery about her. I mean, she was known as Mrs. Peel, yet I don´t recall ever seeing Mr. Peel.

Anyway, all this because I just realized that I´ve modeled one of my characters after her. She´s been in my Psyche so long that I had to finally let her out!

Let me know in the comments if you too are a fan.

The Journey Begins

So, here´s the deal. I have one month to finish my novel. Yes, I know hundreds of people are doing it every November at How hard can it be? Answer–very hard. Especially for someone like me who has eight novels in the making and can´t land on one project even if her life depended on it. Well, guess what? My life does depend on it. Why? because I´m tired of NOT being a writer. I´m tired of daydreaming and not moving forward with my writing. I´m tired of writing that first chapter over and over again until it no longer resemble my first attempt. I´m at point in my life where I either give it all i´ve got, or die trying.

And so, here I am, at the starting line. It´s a daunting task. But I cannot fail. Something tells me that this is it. This is my big chance and I can´t let it pass me by. I´ve already got 50% of the novel sort of done. All I need is the other 50%, and a perfect first three chapters. That´s all. Nothing more. Easy, right?

So why am I so scared?